Thursday 14 April 2011

Bemz Cover Me

What do you think about taking this:

And turning it into this:
Have you heard of Bemz? Bemz is a Swedish company that makes slipcovers for discontinued Ikea sofas, armchairs etc. We bought an Ikea sofa forever ago and it even looks like we got it forever ago. We were thinking about selling it, but after protests from my husband (who loves the couch and finds it very comfortable), we decided against it.

So, I called Ikea and asked if they had any slipcovers for the sofa. I was convinced it was a Karlstad sofa, but after explaining it to the person, they helped me figure out that it was a Karlanda. Karlstad, Karlanda, whats the big difference? Well, not a big one, one is a three seater with three cushions, while one has only two cushions. So, she recommended I check out Bemz.

I love it. They have a variety of fabrics, (linen, cotton), and they also have florals, patterns. You could also mix and match,  fabrics with patterns and florals. You really have a lot to choose from. Here are some of the fabrics.

If you are unsure what they will look like, you have two options, one is to click on the swatch, which enlarges it. You get a pretty good idea of what the texture of the fabric will look like. Or you could order some free swatches. I think I will be ordering some swatches soon. Keep you posted.

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