Monday 4 April 2011

Blue Mood Board

Mood boards have been around for a while in the design world, fashion and interior design. If you don't know what exactly they are, here it is. Well, they are the planning sketches to help you pick the colour scheme, design style and coordination for your space. Think of it as brainstorming for interior design.  It usually starts with one item, (it might be a pillow, bedspread or painting) and coordinates all the elements in the room based on the colours and feel that you want the room to have.

Since blue and white are very "in" right now, I figured I would share some of my ideas with you. These are some of my favorite things. What do you think? I have attached a list, where you can find all the items in the mood board. Let me know what you think. Liking it?

1. When I started this room, I knew I wanted bold colours. I chose Sarah Richardson paint colours. The dark blue is called Convertible (SR 55), Eyelet (SR 33), Cotton (SR 15) and Oxford (SR61). I think doing the main wall the dark Convertible colour and accent wall Cotton would look amazing.

2. A very nice and clean white sofa, the famous Ektorp couch. Having the main wall the dark blue, it would make the couch stand out and be the focal point of the room.

3. I love this vase since it is clear, but has dark blue swiggly lines.  It is amazing how much influence these blue lines have on the whole design.

4. This large round mirror, makes me think of a captain's window, and I found it would match quite beautifully here.

5. Simple lines are also to be found in the Lack side table, and at $7.99 it really is super affordable.

6. Simple and beachy blue coral print. Designed by me.

7. When I saw these whale pillows, I knew I had to use them. The blue is so gorgeous and on the white Ektorp... stunning.

8. The pattern on this gorgeous throw made me think of nautical knots.

9. The natural capiz shell on this pillow made it the perfect addition. It adds the perfect natural element to the room. You could go with the white silk or another colour if you wanted to add a pop of colour.

10. Adding a little light on your side tables, is a lovely crystal glass table lamp.

11. For a decorative accessory, I chose these shell spheres that will add yet another natural feel to the room.

12. Lovely full light pendant, to give the room bright but diffuse light.

13. I chose a silver starfish bowl to add a different texture and something for displaying things in.

14. Everyone needs some storage in their living room. I chose this white 2 door cabinet, where you can hide away all your books and magazines.

15. The Lack coffee table will match with the side tables. You don't necessarily have to have the side tables matching or maybe you don't even want side tables for your space. Options.

16. I have chosen a rug that has some blue in it to ground all the elements in the room. It is made of recycled denim jute.

That's about it. What do you think? Do you like it? Doesn't it give off a beachy, fresh and relaxing feel? If it doesn't I failed miserably. If it does, yay!

Have a good one!


  1. I love it! I just bought an Ektorp sofa for our family room, what a fantastic sofa. Those whale pillows are fantastic - a great DIY! What did you use to make the moodboard?

  2. Thanks Barbara, I am so glad you like it ! It was a lot of fun to do. You beat me to it with the DIY pillows. I used Photoshop for the board. One more thing, you won the giveaway. Congrats. B

  3. This is amazing! I love the blue whales and the coral print. Where do you get all your ideas/items from?

  4. Thanks so much. My ideas come to me, when I see certain items. The items are from different retailers and I attached a link to the items in the board. The blue whales pillow is from West Elm and the coral print, I designed it. I am so glad you like it.


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