Thursday 28 April 2011

Kitchen Paint Colours

What colour do you like in the kitchen? In an earlier post this week, I talked about repainting my kitchen. Yellow was not an option, so I had to see what else is out there. Do you go for white, a beige-y colour, a bold colour or neutral? I personally like white and neutral and since our kitchen isn't very large or bright, it had to be a warm colour. And since I made a white Rast, I think we will go for some colour for our walls.
Every time I go to buy paint, I feel completely overwhelmed, because there are so many colours out there. Well, this time around, I decided to do my homework before heading out. Here were some of my top picks. Since I love Sarah Richardson and Sarah Richardson paint, I figured I would check that out. Here is what caught my eye:

I love the colours. My favorite here is Jetstream. I find it is a combination between beige and grey. That beige and grey that we all love.

Benjamin Moore has a huge variety of options, but the helpful thing is that they have a viewer on their site, where you can see how your space would look like with that paint colour.
My top picks for beige-y and grey colours by Benjamin Moore are Silver Marlin, Natural Wicker and Edgecomb Gray.

Aren't they warm and yet, they will add that inviting splash of colour to your walls. We'll see which one I end up choosing. Have anyone used any of these colours? Wish me luck. See you soon!


  1. My eye was drawn to Jetstream, also, and of the last three, natural wicker seems light and cheerful and still warm. Good luck choosing!

  2. I am so glad you like it. It is always great to hear that someone else shares your opinion. Thanks so much. I will reveal my pick next week (if I can make up my mind).

  3. I like Jestream as well but Edgecomb Gray is another favourite! Good luck!


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