Monday 20 June 2011

Guest Room Progress

Good morning to you all. I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and a great Father's Day. The weather was great and we were able to enjoy some fun time at the beach. 

Remember I was working on a guest room? I figured it was about time that I share how that guest room is doing. I am making a little progress. I also shared with you some ideas for headboards and headboard fabric. Here is where the bad news comes in. 

The fabric that I decided to use (after much debate and consideration) was Robert Allen's Coral Coast in navy fabric. 

Well it would have taken a couple of weeks to come in and since my friend was coming back soon, I had to pick something else. I visited tonicliving  for more ideas. So, I picked the Bodega in Navy. 

Once I decided on the fabric, I was happy to go ahead and start making my headboard. Well, thank you Canada Post. The day after I placed my order, which would have arrived the next day, they suspended their services. After 5 days, I found out that my fabric was stuck in Toronto. Bad news. I was down, but I had a headboard to finish. So, off to Fabricland and this is what came home with me. 

This fabric was obviously not my first choice, but still contains the colours that I am working with.  I am still a little undecided. I really hope that Canada Post will resume its services again soon. But for now, we are making progress.  Stay tuned for the next update!

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  1. Yes, this postal strike is a pain in the butt, isn't it? I think they're all fabulous choices.


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