Tuesday 26 July 2011

In the 'Zone'

Hope all of you are having a great week so far. We are having a busy week, but we are having lots of fun nevertheless. Had a wonderful weekend in Ottawa and are back home now. It is great to be away, but it is even greater to be home. I will be sharing some pictures of our weekend later in the week.

In this post I would like to introduce you to the 'Zone'. Zone is one of my favorite home decor stores in Montreal. They have gorgeous, affordable and many unique home decor items. It is quite popular and it covers home decor accessories, jewelry, furniture and even children's items. It is very seldom that I walk out of there without buying something. I decided to go and take some pictures and share them with you. I have too many pictures so I will make this part 1 of my Zone adventures. I apologize ahead of time for the quality of the pictures, but promise not to forget my camera next time when I go in.

Here is the front window as you walk by, doesn't it make you want to go in?
I love their displays. They are always so much fun and so full of inspiration ideas. They also paint the background of their displays quite often. Love it!

Here are some of the things that caught my eye, part 1.
Love that light fixture!

Wouldn't you love to cozy up here with a good book?

Only one word comes to mind: FABULOUS!

My little munchkin loved this chair, especially the rocker. I am seriously considering buying one.

Don't you just love this mirror coffee table? Very glamorous. 

Anyone want a cup of coffee in this little quaint corner?

Last, but not least, my new favorite thing, Dwell Studio pillows in Bella Porte, Brindle pillows made in Canada. I love the color and it would look good in so many places. 

I hope you enjoyed my little window shopping adventure and if you want to check out more of Zone, you can do so online, here


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  1. Have lost words to describe the furniture's, A good cup of coffee sitting on the Quaints' corner would make anyone's day.


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