Thursday 14 July 2011

Mini Summer Vacation

Who doesn't love a mini summer vacation? Well, we love them a lot. There is nothing better to refresh you and reenergize you like a mini vacation. Well, that is what we did. A little while ago, two weeks ago to be more exact, we packed a little suitcase and traveled to our beautiful nation's capital, Ottawa. And here are some pictures from our little excursion.

We celebrated Canada Day and visited with family and friends. We were hoping to get a glimpse of Will and Kate, but unfortunately so did pretty much everyone in Ottawa. I did see them driving away in their car for about 3 seconds, but nevertheless it was a lot of fun to be in downtown Ottawa on Canada Day. The atmosphere was incredible and everyone was having a great time. 

Will and Kate are in that car. Can you see them? Not really, but there they were. I guess I need a better camera and a new zoom lens.

A gorgeous sea of red and white. 

One of our favorite places in Ottawa is the Byward Market. We love the feeling that it has and we just love all the fresh produce from the local farmers. We couldn't resist these strawberries. 

And what better way to end Canada Day, than with some amazing fireworks. I forgot my camera at home that night, so I leave you with this shot. 
I will share some more of our adventures in gorgeous Ottawa soon. We miss it already and are hoping for another little trip there soon. I will be revealing the guest room tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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  1. It's so much fun to be on the Hill for Canada Day. Glad you enjoyed!


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