Wednesday 2 November 2011

Guest Post: Dans le Townhouse

Hello Crafty Bee readers!  I'm Tanya, from Dans le Townhouse.  I am so flattered that Beatrice asked me to write a guest post because I love her blog!  Her DIY tutorials are wonderful (I am especially jealous of the headboards she has made) and as a fellow DIY-er I have great respect for her versatility and style.
Whenever I blog about a new DIY art project I've completed, some readers hint at a reluctance to put paint to canvas, so today I'm going to chat about how to bite the bullet to create your own work of art.
First and foremost: don't be afraid!  I definitely do not consider myself an artist (I'm crafty, but that's it).  But I try, and sometimes fail, and that’s the most important thing (the trying, not the failing).  You might not like the first few pieces you make, but you’ll get the hang of it!  The painting pictured below was my second attempt at a cheery yellow abstract.

Second, look for inspiration all around you.  From blurry photos I take (oops!) to other people's paintings, I'm always on the lookout for inspiration.

A photo I took that would be amazing copied with paint!

My third piece of advice is this: go abstract!  A few simple circles or some graphic lines look more fabulous than you might think.  Add some text for a really personalized piece.
My final tidbit: think outside the paint tubes.  If you’re a knitter, knit a fabulous design and stretch it over a wood stretcher.  Like to sew?  Frames some scraps of fabric, artfully arranged of course.  I learned how to needle felt and took a stab at a mini-arrangement of felted wool artwork.

So carve some time out of your busy schedule (I know, it can be hard!), put on a smock and get creative!

Thank you so much Tanya, for sharing this with my readers and for giving us that extra push to do something out of our comfort zone. I will give it a try and see what happens. B


  1. Oh how fun - nice to meet you Tanya!

  2. I love Tanya and her amazingly creative diy projects.

  3. Tanya is so creative! She really thinks outside the box!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments, Ladies!!

    And thank you, Beatrice, for inviting me into your crafty corner of the blogosphere. This was so much fun!

  5. Great post Tanya. I agree, the best thing you can do when it comes to DIY art is to just get started!!


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