Monday, 14 November 2011

My New Stain Collection

Good morning everyone! I hope your weekend was great and you were blessed with some beautiful warm weather, like we were. It was 12 degrees here yesterday and we enjoyed a beautiful sunny afternoon at the park, (before we headed home to finish my first Christmas craft of the season).

Last week I showed you this beauty. It doesn't look like a beauty, but just wait for the makeup. It is our coffee table, but I was undecided on what to do with it and some of you shared your thoughts on my dilemma. Thank you for that. I started this project last weekend, and now it is in the final stage. Drying.

After some thought and debate, my hubby and I decided to look into different stains. I always get so overwhelmed by how many options are out there and I never know which one will do the trick.  When we were at Home Depot, I looked at the wood chips with the different stains, but they look a little different from the ones you see online and they will most likely look different on your wood too. Here is a picture of the different stains online.

So, what did we decide on? Well, first we picked Ebony, because we really liked how it looked in Home Depot, but once we tried it at home on our table, it was way too dark. Then back to Home Depot, and we decided on Dark Walnut, but this wasn't really sticking to our wood. I am sure it wasn't the stain, but our table, which is quite old and even though we sanded it for hours, it did not want to welcome the stain. Hmmm, what to do now.

Don't you like my stain collection? My husband picked an extra stain, just for measures and this one did the trick on our oldie, but goodie (will share this one with you tomorrow). I guess, I should have asked some of you talented people which wood stain you recommend. And here is a sneak peak of my new beauty. I will reveal my new beauty tomorrow.

 I guess I have to come up with some wood projects and use up all that stain.
Have a great Monday everyone, and a great week ahead! B

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