Monday 19 December 2011

DIY Mini Christmas Decorations

Good afternoon everyone! How are you? I am feeling the pressure, but we are planning some baking tomorrow and hopefully that will end our preparations. And now my Christmas Decorations.

While my baby was napping this weekend, I played around with sequins. Here is what I made.

All you need are some styrofoam balls, hot glue gun and sequin strings. I used the single string and it worked ok. But the string and a half, so to say, worked much easier and it covered the ball much better. They are super easy to make. You start at the top of the ball and add a dab of glue, and start with the sequin string there. After that, you continue going around the ball until you covered the entire ball. These will be sitting on our coffee table, until my little guy finds them and then there will be a sequin fight in my house.

Quick question, how do you keep little hands off the house and holiday decor? My little munchkin is moving things around and it is making me question what I did. Does his look better or mine? Two decorative trees beside each other or three? We are off to wrap the last of the presents and do some baking. Have a great afternoon! B

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  1. Sorry, no idea! Seems you're light years ahead of me, blogwise, anyway because your blog looks so good. Anything on the forums?


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