Friday 13 April 2012

Crafty Friday

Hello there! It is Friday (woohoo) and that means it is time for another Crafty Friday post. This week's craft is more a project than a craft, but I hope you will like it nevertheless. It all started with my need to cover every inch of wall space in our apartment, and, of course, a few of the odd spaces. You see there are these two little walls on each side of the door going onto the balcony. I figured I needed a couple of paintings there or something, but the paintings would have to be long and narrow.

So, while I was browsing the internet one day, (oh, whatever would we do without the internet) I came across this long canvas artwork on the Pottery Barn website.
You can see from the picture itself, that it is on a narrow wall and I thought it would make for a perfect addition to my little wall in question. But when I went to purchase it, it wasn't available anymore. What is one to do? Well, diy is the way to go. And here is my little corner artwork.

What will you need to do this project? 
I bought a very inexpensive canvas and did some sketching. I used some carbon paper for the stencils and then I sketched the classic chairs with the carbon pencils onto the canvas. They were great. And after I finished sketching, I used a satin finish varnish spray to protect the sketches from smearing etc.

I am no artist, but I really love how it turned out, and the collection of chairs is really unique and pretty.  The project did not take me a long time to do, and I quite happy with the result. You could adapt this project to match a child's room, a kitchen, pretty much any space you wanted. I thought it matched really well in the corner of our living room.

Have a fantastic weekend!
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  1. wow, you drew those?! I am totally impressed. Great knock off Beatrice.

  2. That looks wonderful. I'm impressed too.


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