Tuesday 19 April 2011

Chocolate Easter Eggs a la Moi

Yesterday I showed you my spring and Easter wreath, but this wreath is just gorgeous. It is made by Jessica from the adventures of nick and jessica. How cool is that?
Gorgeous chocolate eggs. Yum. Then I remembered that Martha Stewart had a recipe to make your own chocolate eggs. Don't they look amazing?
All Martha Stewart things look amazing (and irreproducible), but these are just precious in my opinion. I had been eyeing this project for years. I don't know about you, but I have trouble with following some Martha Stewart recipes and crafts to the letter. Sometimes, the recipe or craft needs specific things that I can't find and sometimes there are so many steps that I lose interest after step 5. But she is amazing anyways. Well, this year my husband said he wanted to try this. I said, what??? (Imagine me with my mouth hanging open.) Let us start. Of course, I had to tweak the instructions, therefore these are chocolate eggs a la moi. But please remember that for perfect results do use Martha Stewart's chocolate egg how-to instructions.

My version of the chocolate eggs uses Hershey's Milk Chocolate, chocolate bars.
So, here it goes:
1. Pierce a hole in one end of a raw egg using a pin. Use a nail or small knife to make the hole a little larger (the size of a small button).  Martha uses a rotary drill. Since I didn't have a rotary drill, mine were not perfectly round, nor neat. Use a popsicle stick (or something like this) to mix up the contents of the egg.  Then pierce a hole in the other end.  Have a small bowl ready and then blow downwards into the egg into the small hole and all the gooey egg stuff will come out the other end into the bowl.  Wash the inside and outside of the egg. Leave it for several hours to dry. Then wash the inside again and leave overnight to dry.  Be sure that the egg is dry before using for the next step.
2. To sterilize your eggs put the eggs in a pot with cold water and 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Bring to a boil and let simmer for about 8-10 minutes.
3. Melt your 5-6 Hershey's chocolate bars. (I started out with six, but one mysteriously disappeared into my husband's tummy).  I added semisweet chocolate chips to a smaller batch of melted chocolate and this worked too. I waited for the chocolate to cool a bit.
4. Fill a pastry bag with the melted chocolate (a small ziploc baggie with the corner cut off will work as well). Put the tip inside the egg and squeeze the chocolate into the eggs.
5. Make sure to tap from time to time to ensure there are no air pockets. I also used a toothpick to poke in the hole, every time the chocolate got to the top. I was unsure sometimes if it was full and this helped. Did I mention already things can get messy?
6. Refrigerate them for about 4-5 hours (I put them in the freezer for about an hour, it made it easier for the shell to fall off.)
7. Tap the eggs gently on your counter to crack the shell and it will peel off easier.
Whether you make your own chocolate eggs or buy some, have some chocolate and enjoy the Easter weekend with loved one.


  1. You did not just pipe chocolate into eggs? You are such a Martha ;) How yummy! Your DIY skills are astounding!

  2. Thanks Barbara. I am definitely not Martha, but I had to try it once. Don't think I will be trying it again though. They look quite yummy.


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