Saturday 16 April 2011

I am so excited, and I just can't hide it

Well, the title says it all. I am so excited and I just had to share my latest kijiji find. I have been looking for this for such a long time. Here it is:

Doesn't it look great? I love it. LOVE IT! My friend had one and it looked beautiful, and told me that the Bombay company sells them. I got excited, but then I saw the price tag, $300. It isn't an outrageous amount, but I didn't want to give out so much money. Well, how does $60 sound? Awesome.

I couldn't believe it and was skeptical about what condition it was in. The table is in great condition and comes with a mirror. You know those Ikea commercials, where the woman says, start the car, start the car, (here's a clip).
Well that was me yesterday. Funny, eh? It doesn't really fit with the rest of the furniture in my house, so I am thinking about a makeover. I would love to know what you think. Will keep you posted on its progress. Have a great Saturday!


  1. Nice snag. Like the video too. So what is your plan?

  2. Right now, I am a little torn between leaving it as is or a complete makeover. I want it to look fresh, clean and pretty, which in my opinion, it doesn't. I might do some sanding, priming and painting. I just don't want to ruin it. We'll see.

  3. Nice find! Love steal of a deal like that!


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