Thursday 21 April 2011

Last Minute Easter Ideas

In this post, I decided I would share a couple of tips for last minute Easter ideas with you. I don't know about you, but with me it always happens that somehow I have forgotten to buy something or have misplaced that one thing that I really want and need. This also sums up our Easter post series. So, here it goes.

It was the day before Easter and my husband forgot, we hadn't bought any egg dye to make our eggs look hot. I, of course, need to dye eggs at Easter. There are all kinds of ways to dyeing eggs.  Did you ever hear that you can dye eggs with natural products that you already have at home? Like vegetables. We decided we would give that a shot with: red cabbage, red onion skins, white onion skins. 
Basically, you boil whatever you chose for at least 30 min and then add vinegar and salt.  To 2 quarts (8 cups) of water, boil each one, drain off the liquid and add 4 tbsp white vinegar and 4 tbsp salt.  Add your previously hardboiled eggs (30 min for light colour, overnight for deep colour).  Red cabbage juice made a beautiful deep blue to violet colour.  Red onion skins gave a dark red hue.  White onion skins made a yellow to orange colour. They are not perfect, but I love the colours. 
Another idea is a small egg nest decoration. You can find them at most craft stores, but sometimes you are out of luck. Well, I found the perfect solution over on Centsational Girl's blog. She took these grapevine spheres and cut them in two. Genius. Yay! It was so great. Thank you so much Centsational Girl. Here is a look at mine.
One more thing, I realized that I didn't have any fresh flowers in the house and I made the yellow flowers from the leftover wreath. I put them in the painted vases that I had on the window sill. The colours match and I think its pretty cute. And here we have our little Easter decorations. We have the egg nests, the natural dyed eggs and for vases I used the painted jars that I talked about in a previous post. My Easter table decorations. 
This is about it for now. I will share a quick post this afternoon with the perfect dessert for the Easter brunch strata. Have a great day. 

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