Saturday 14 May 2011

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

I am still working on our kitchen makeover. I am quite picky and sometimes things take way longer than they should. Especially with a baby around. As part of our kitchen makeover, we had to look at lighting. As a side note, we badly need a solution for lighting, since our old lighting fixture, decided to fall and crash on one of our chairs. Luckily, we were not at in the kitchen at the moment.
Therefore, in this post I want to share some ideas that I have come across and am debating for the kitchen. Some are lighting options that I would buy, and some that would be DIY projects.

DIY Lighting Options

Isabella and Max rooms
Design Sponge Online
Parlour Home Blog

Retail Lighting Options
West Elm
West Elm
Pottery Barn
Home Depot

There are so many possibilities and it is really hard to choose. Right now, I am aiming for a DIY lighting option, but that might change. Have a wonderful day!

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