Monday 6 June 2011

Fun Kids Fabric

There are so many gorgeous and beautiful fabrics out there, but what about kids fabrics. On a recent trip to the fabric store, I came across some really cute children's fabrics. I just had to snap some pictures and share with you.

I couldn't help myself and when I saw this last one and bought some for my sweet baby. You could even imagine designing a room around one of these fabrics.  I will try and make him some pillows for a little reading nook that I am thinking about making for him. I think the fabric is so cute and adorable.

I hope that I have enough for a couple of pillows. Soon, it will be time to transform the baby room into a room for my boy.  Stay tuned for that post sometime in the future.  I will let you know how the sewing projects goes.

Have a great Monday!

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