Monday 11 July 2011

Lee Valley Kids

As my little munchkin is growing, so is his independence. Pulling things out of drawers and putting them back is a fun activity. Sometimes putting them back and sometimes not. On a recent trip to Lee Valley, I found the blue elephant really cute, and I just had to buy it for him. Isn't it adorable? He is still small, but he loves it anyways. 

This cute little blue elephant is a fun small clothes hook. Every time we come into the house, he will walk over to it and check it out. The rubbery material makes for a great sucking toy as well, not that I let him suck on it or anything. They come in different colours and are really fun to get the kids involved in tidying up.  And yes, he is actually hanging his coat up on the hook.

They also have some fun crocodile drawer handles. They are easy to pull and would look super cute on a refinished dresser.
They also have some cute children's knobs to add some personalized detail to their rooms.

Aren't they adorable? It would be so much fun to pick these with your child and decorate their room and furniture. They also have a variety of cute kids garden tools. Check 'em out!

Have a super day!

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