Tuesday 30 August 2011

Alternative Night Table

Living in an apartment with a baby can get very crowded. Have I mentioned that we live in a pretty old building with hardwood floors and the floors squeak? The upside is that the rooms are quite big and spacious. My main craft/ office area is in our baby's room, so unfortunately I cannot work there after he goes to bed. Therefore, I end up writing posts or finishing a project in our bedroom at night or in the living room.

So, the big question today is: are desks in bedrooms ok? Should the bedroom be just for sleep and relaxation? Or is it ok to have a desk in there? And how do you use them and style them, so that they look nice and stylish. My latest time consuming hobby is to browse pinterest, you can see some of my pins here. I found some very beautiful inspiration pictures that I would like to share with you. The idea here is that the designers used the desk as an alternative to a night table.
West Elm
Massucco Warner Miller

Krista Ewert via Domino
Don't they look gorgeous. From the looks of these I might have to give this a shot. What do you think? Desks in bedroom, ok, no way or maybe yes?

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