Wednesday 24 August 2011

Unexpected, but great Find

It had been quite some time since we ventured to Toronto, but we finally made it. I was so excited about going, and this time I did a little homework. Shopping homework that is. Whenever we would go to Toronto, we would do the touristy thing. We would go to the CN Tower, the Eaton Center etc. Well, on this particular trip I wanted to visit one of the top fabric destination places in Toronto, Designer Fabrics. It is an incredible store with a ton of fabrics. You could spend all day in there.

Here is the funny story. I have watched every season of Sarah's House and it was all very nice, but only one particular fabric stood out to me. I fell in love with the fabric of the headboard from her master bedroom. Gorgeous, right?
This is the fabric, that I was looking for. I looked and looked and looked, but couldn't find it. They didn't have it.

As I was exploring the store, I headed to the back and couldn't believe how many different kinds they have. Then I looked straight ahead and saw a fabric that looked familiar. Hmmm, where did I see this fabric before?
Could it be the one that Sarah Richardson used for an armchair? No way! After I spoke to one of the people that worked there, guess was! I couldn't believe it. 

Here are a couple of pictures of Sarah's nursery and chair. 

I think its gorgeous. Not too busy, not too girly, not too flowery. Perfect. The name of the fabric is Panama Bari Sintra and it is $32.99 a yard. They also had one with 'irregularities' at $27.99/yard. The lady that helped me was great and opened up the roll, but neither one of us found any irregularities. Yippee! So, I bought a couple of yards of that. Have I mentioned that it is double width, so 110". Super great!

My hubby even loved the fabric and thought it was beautiful, which says a lot. I was beyond thrilled. I looked for one fabric, but found another one just as good. This was definitely a great start to our shopping day!


  1. I am officially jealous, one: you went to designer fabrics and two: you bought that amazing fabric! 110" wide - rare and wonderful! Now what are you going to make with it?

    BTW: You mentioned something was coming my way, when was it supposed to arrive?

  2. Hi Barbara,
    I was beyond thrilled when I heard it was 110" wide. And you asked a good question. What am I gonna use it for, I don't know yet. I will be making some fun pillows, but I might have to wait to find that great chair to upholster. Any ideas on what I could do, are more than welcome. Maybe some curtains? Don't know yet.

  3. So great you visited Designer Fabrics! I can spend hours in that store - and do - that's why I have to leave the hubby and little one at home if I'm headed there! Love that fabric. It would look great on a bench!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :)

  4. Jen, thanks for stopping by. Loved Designer Fabrics. It will definitely be on my agenda every time I come to Toronto. Have a good one!

  5. Fantastic find! And yay for regular irregularities!

  6. PLease, where do you find the matching wall decals? Or has she done some amazing DIY job....


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