Thursday 25 August 2011

Who knew, men can sew?

My hubby is quite the guy, and I have been meaning to share this with you. Our munchkin was almost a week late and since we were all ready for him, we had a little time to kill. We didn't have so many toys for him, so I figured I would try and make something. So, my hubby was super supportive and made some crafts with me, and we went on a little craft binge together.

So, who knew that men can sew? I definitely didn't, until I saw my hubby's skills. This is what he made for our little munchkin just before he was born, literally the day before.
And here is what I was working on on the night that I went into labor. I still had an arm to sew on, but never made it that far. Did I mention that I gave birth a couple of hours later? The arm had to wait for a couple of weeks after we had our precious little munchkin.
These are my favorite pieces in his room to go with the most unforgettable and memorable story of his birth. Maybe, I should think of a little story to write about the elephant and the sheep. So, a huge thank you goes to my amazing hubby who joined me at that time to make something for our baby. I will share more details about them and how to make them soon.

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