Tuesday 27 September 2011

Chapter + S Home Decor Finds

This past weekend I did a little shopping and stopped into Chapters to pick up a couple of books, but got side tracked with all the fabulous things they had. They have some amazing home decor items and I wish I could have brought them all home with me. Only one little thing made it home, I will share that with you soon.

So, you might be surprised as I was to see these fabulous things, but they are all available at Chapters. Not Home Sense, but Chapters. I always thought of Chapters as the book store, but lately they have been venturing into more home decor items and doing fantastic. I for one, am loving all these items. I snapped some pictures to share them with you.

In this picture, I want this, this, this, well pretty much everything. But, I am getting sidetracked, as I so usually do. Love the beautiful green and mustard pillows, but the cream colored pillows especially. I might be wrong, but I think I saw some similar looking pillows on a very famous blog not to long ago (ahem, yhl and I even attached the link for you here). They are really lovely. I also love the gold bookends and the lamp on the top shelf. Really great accents.
Here are some more items. Sorry for the pictures, but the iphone was my only companion on this trip. I also love the lettered bookend and these 3D glass boxes are fabulous to display some season items, may it be leaves, rocks, seashells. Perfect for your coffee table, bookcase or even a console table. These golden pencil cup holders are so beautiful. Love that super cute owl. Have I mentioned that my little munchkin can hoo hoo like an owl? So cute. 

Speaking of munchkin, lets talk munchkin stuff. Looking at this section, made me want to have another baby. On second thought, I think I will admire it or get some of my girlfriends some of these. I definitely recommend you hit Chapters if you are looking for a munchkin gift, may it be a book or a blankie. 
Speaking of blankets, they have the absolute cutest blankets. Love them. Another really cute nursery addition is the lion and giraffe animals they have. And again you see the cute little owl. Perfect nursery addition. 

I absolutely adore these wall art cards. One is for numbers and the other for the alphabet. The pictures are gorgeous and the colors are stunning. You could frame these cards (like they did in the picture above on the left) or you could display them on a picture ledge. Kids will love these. 

I hope you liked my little window shopping share. Will you be stopping by Chapters soon? Have you bought any of these items? I will share my purchase with you soon. 

Note: I have not been paid to write about these items or for my opinions. 


  1. Great home decor but my favorite is the last two pics of the counting & alphabet cards...great home decor & educational!

  2. I am in love with all the stuff they carry now! I have 2 owl bookends that they carry, except I bought my through Homesave [much cheaper!}

  3. I agree! They have such an awesome collection. There are so many items I'd love to have. I also featured their items in a recent post. Great recap here!


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