Monday, 24 October 2011

Curtain call

Good morning to you all! I hope you are all doing well and haven't gotten sick yet. We, on the other hand, were all sick last week, but are all better now. We had one busy weekend and I finally found some chairs that I have been looking for. More to come on that soon.

Storage can be a tricky thing, when living in an apartment. On top of that, we had a baby and accumulated more things. Our building does not have any storage space and the closets are small, which makes it super challenging. Also, the rooms tend to be big and odd shaped.  So, this past weekend I bit the bullet and tried a little storage idea. For some reason, things are always ending up in our bedroom, so we figured we would add something there. But what? I remembered watching Sarah Richardson adding a curtain to section off a part of a basement in her Sarah 101 series. Hmmm, could this work for my bedroom too? And we didn't want it to cost a lot, since we don't know how much longer we will be staying here. A few weeks back when I was browsing through the Ikea catalog, I was reassured of my decision. Here is a picture of it.

So, we decided we would give it a go. We headed to Ikea and bought a Dignitet set and some Ikea curtains. And soon we were installing it.

It was very easy to put up and I think it makes a big difference in our room. Not only don't I have to look at all my things, but it makes the bedroom look more relaxed and laid back. What do you think?

I think this is a quick and easy (and cheap) solution to hide away some of your stuff. It could easily work in a basement or a condo or multi purpose room. I have been meaning to try this and am very glad that I gave it a shot. Have you sectioned off a part of a room or a basement? Have a great week ahead everyone.


  1. It's a great solution. It adds a lot of softness and it's super easy on the wallet. Very smart!

  2. Where is your duvet cover from? I'm looking for a new one and love this.

  3. Hi Carol,
    The duvet is from West Elm. I am not sure they still have them, it was on clearance last winter. West Elm has some really neat ones this year though and they deliver to Canada. Yay! Also, if you call the Toronto store they can probably give you a quote for delivery. Hope you find something you like.

  4. Great minds do think alike :)

  5. It amazing how being able to close off a storage are gives you peace of mind, isn't it? They look great - x

  6. Wow, you are a busy bee! Looks good :)


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