Thursday 6 October 2011

Gobble Gobble

I have been admiring bunting garlands for years and was always quite disappointed that I didn't own a sewing machine and didn't know how to sew. Well, things have changed. Not only did I buy a sewing machine, but I have even made a couple of pillows. So, it was about time to give it a try. I remembered I had some fall fabric and off I went. Here is my fabric. It is the greatest, but I figured for a little fall decor and trying to make a garland it will do.

I had started the garland on the weekend, but things got in the way. I had never made one before, so I searched online for a diy tutorial and came across this one. I should be buying the Sewing for dummies book, is there such a book?

So, I cut my little triangles, sewed them inside out and turned them right side out. Hmmm, they looked so much smaller and not quite right. So, I decided to just sew them together and then sew them to a bias fold tape.

I wasn't so sure about it, but once we put it up, we loved it. We showed my little munchkin the turkey on the fabric and he goes gobble gobble. So cute.

I am so glad I decided to make it and it only cost me $3 (for the fold tape), since I had the fabric. Fall decor on a tiny budget. Have you made any bunting banners lately? Have a good one everyone!


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