Thursday 1 December 2011

Christmas Shopping

I did some shopping. I found some really cute things, that I would like to share with you. These would make great stocking stuffers for the holidays. 
I absolutely love, love, love these earrings. I have been eyeing similar ones on Etsy, but it was going to be over $50. I bought mine at Forever 21 for under $10, tax included. Isn't that great. I bought my mom a pair, but I just had to buy one for myself as well. Bad, Beatrice. 

Bought the necklace beside the earrings at Simons. For $8. Isn't it great? I might even pair the two together. Do you think they will work?

And last, but not least, I bought some nail polish in time for the holidays and some Stila lipgloss. It has been my favorite for the last couple of years and I always love the holiday pack. The shades are great and the gloss is just perfect. Have you started your holiday shopping yet? I like to get mine done early, so I will be heading out this weekend to cross some more things off the list. Have a great weekend everyone! B


  1. Love the earings and necklace together...not matchy matchy!
    Sweetest colour of nail polish...where did it come wise?
    your whale pillow is wonderful!

  2. Thanks Vintage Home. I am so glad you like the pillow. I bought the nail polish at Target. It is called imported bubbly.

  3. I LOVE all your new finds. Don't you just love the holidays?


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