Thursday 23 February 2012

How Do You Do It Series

Today, I would like to introduce to you a little series that I am introducing here at A Crafty Bee. The series is called, "How Do You Do It", where mothers and bloggers will share with us, how they manage to do it all, blogging, motherhood, working, spouses. I have been so fortunate that some fabulous bloggers have agreed to participate in this series and want to thank them so much for this.

My first guest blogger is Carol, from Design Pages. A huge welcome and thank you to Carol, for agreeing to be a part of my little series. I have been admiring Carol for quite some time and always wondered how she managed to do it all. When she expressed interest in taking part of the series, I was so thrilled to see how she does it.
Here are some of Carol's tips on how she manages to run a business, be a mom to two kids and have a fulfilled and happy life. I am taking notes, Carol. Thank you so much for being part of this. B

Welcome Carol!
Carol is the writer and founder of the blog Design Pages, where she writes about her home decorating adventures, which include sewing, painting and diy projects. She is an interior designer and has been busy decorating her new home. She has been featured on numerous great blogs, such as Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge, Ikea Hackers, Centsational Girl and many more. Carol lives in Kelowna, British Columbia with her husband and two children. 

What does an average day look like for you?
An average day starts with a 7am wakeup.  Get the coffee going and then get my kids up for school.  Pack the lunches, make the breakfast and send them along.  I try to spend a bit of time afterwards blogging (whether it's planning my week or reading other blogs). Some form of exercise is next on the list.  I attend quite a few structured classes, but if there's nothing on that day, then I hit the pavement for a run. After a shower and lunch, I work on client projects or grab any groceries I need, chores that need to be done and head home to meet the kids.  We do homework and head off to after school activities.  Back home for dinner and then it's family hangout time before bed. 

How do you manage/find the time to work and blog?
This is for sure the most challenging issue in my day. If only I could be paid to blog :) If I have a lot of work, then the blog has to take a back seat.  I usually manage to get my posts up, but I won't be able to visit all the other blogs I normally like to. 

When do you find time to 'hang out' with your kids?
As the kids get older (they're now 13 and 10), they stay up later and later and this has helped in finding time to hang out together.  In the past, weekends were all about family, but now the kids want to hang out with friends more and more.  I usually encourage them to hang out at our place because then I can still feel like I'm part of the action. 

Do you have a babysitter or grandparents that help out?
We have less need for babysitters now that my son is 13. My mom has been a great help over the years in giving us time for adults only nights out or even week long vacations.  Last year, I took my husband to San Francisco for his birthday and my mom flew out to Vancouver from Toronto to stay with the kids. She's the best!

How do you and your husband reconnect? And when?
My husband I both work from home, so we do a lot of connecting during the day. We sometimes just take off during the day and go shopping or go for a walk or even just sit and have lunch together. It's really great actually. 

What are your best time saving tips?
I heard this advice years ago and think it has saved my sanity. "Only touch things once".  This means if you start something, finish it and then it's finished.  If I leave something and then have to complete it later, it makes me feel like I've done twice the work necessary.  I also like to get it off my list, so my mind isn't racing with half finished work.

What advice do you have for other mothers out there, who are raising children, working, blogging and looking for that balance that is hard to achieve. 
For me, balance is really about feeling content at the end of each day so do what is most important and leave the rest for another day.  Sometimes the kids have to know that you need to make work or blogging a priority and I don't think there's any need to feel guilty about that. Alternatively, sometimes blogging has to be put on the back burner.  I've always been really good about making some time for myself.  I think it makes me a better mother and wife, if I feel like I still have some "me" time and I'm not totally consumed by responsibility. 

Carol, it was such a pleasure reading about your life and I definitely have to do just one thing at a time and not start too many projects at once. Thank you so much for this!



  1. I'm not a mom but I too feel overwhelmed by blogging. I love it, but to do it right can be so time-consuming. I also love Carol's blog and it was great to hear more about her life and get a "behind the scenes" glimpse.

  2. Thanks for having me Beatrice. I love this series and I'm excited to see how other mothers/bloggers handle life's responsibilities!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog from the blog hop! I am so happy to get over here to read your blog today! I have been wondering these same things and even considered a series like this- mainly because I want to know how it is possible to get it all done in a day's time! I can't wait to read more on this. I am your newest follower!

  4. I enjoyed this post very much, love Carol's blog and her philosophy on achieving balance... looking forward to reading more posts in this series1 :-)

  5. What a great idea of a series Beatrice! I'm not a mom, but with a fairly demanding job I also wonder how people do it all! Great insight to tips and tricks to make it work, and Carol's post was fantastic.


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