Sunday 18 March 2012

Fresh New Coat

Fresh new coat of paint, that is. I was feeling overwhelmed by everything and all the colours in my son's room, so I decided a fresh new coat of paint would clean and freshen things up a bit. It has been over two years that we last painted his room and the walls were looking kinda bad. I wanted a clean new look for a little boy, who has a few too many colorful toys, if you ask me. I absolutely love this room, with white walls with bright and fun pops of colour.
I decided to go the white paint colour route this time and did a little research on the many options of white paint. One thinks, (my husband) that white paint is white paint, but that is not true. If you are looking for white paint option ideas, Style at Home has a great article on their favorite white paint choices here.
Not only do they share their top 15 white paint colour choices, but they also show you sample rooms on how the white looks in different rooms. Great tool for picking the right shade of white for your space.

I chose Debbie Travis white, from the Debbie Travis paint collection. There were a couple of other options, but I chose this one, since I wanted the white furniture in his room to pop out a tiny little bit and this white has a little green/yellow hint to it. If you want a white, white paint colour, I would recommend Chantilly White by Benjamin Moore. Love it.
Here is the before 

and here is the after

So much better, don't you think? Even my son went, ahhh, when he walked into the room. Sorry, its just a sneak peek and his room is a mess all the time, even though I clean up several times a day. Argg.

Let me just say that I won't be painting my son's room any time soon again and won't be painting it while he is at home. I was nervous about the smell, so he slept in our room for a couple of weeks and just now the smell seems to be gone. I also learned that putting a bowl with water and squeezed lemons helps get rid of the smell. And boy, did it work.

Now I am off to find some large art ideas to go above the crib. I was getting overwhelmed by the gallery wall and I am thinking of something big and maybe a map or two.

Have you done any painting lately? Also, have you used white paint and which one is your favorite?

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

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  1. I'm a huge fan of white and I especially love it in kids rooms. Such a great backdrop to all their things!


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