Thursday 22 March 2012

Good morning sunshine

Good morning all! We have been having the most beautiful weather lately and I have been painting away. More to come on that soon. But first, I decided to update our couch with some spring looking pillows.

I added my rosette pillows from Target. I was debating of making them myself, but after some thought, I decided to buy them, since it would take so much time and mine would not look as great.

The second addition is the pillow in the middle, which is the Dwell Studio Batavia fabric. I wrote a post about some of my favorite Dwell Studio fabrics, here. The Batavia was my favorite and it comes in three different colours (would have loved to buy some in each, but decided on this one for now).

Because of the pattern of the fabric, I decided to cut the fabric in such a way to put a different pattern on the back and I love the fact that I can switch it whenever I want. Here is the other side. 

I love how both sides look, but I am not sure the grey ikat pillows work. What do you think? Should I replace them? Or does this work?

I know the gallery wall doesn't work with the pillows, so that is next on the agenda. Will post pictures soon. Have a great day!


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  1. I love them, especially the rosette pillows. I'm seriously in love with that 'cornflower yellow' colour these days. I have a bag in the colour and it goes with me everywhere. Love it!

  2. That yellow is one of my favorites these days too. I found a great bargain on a huge Michael Kors bag in that color on eBay, and it's my everyday bag.

    I love the rosette pillows.

  3. I think the ikat looks great with the others. I love all the pillows and I"m loving your tip about using a different part of the fabric for either side of the pillow.


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