Monday 28 May 2012

Office Inspiration

Inspiration can be found in many places, and for us bloggers we come across so many wonderful and well designed places. At the same time, I feel a constant need to have things organized, pretty and colourful, therefore I find myself organizing and reorganizing my desk, craft area and bookshelves. You see, since we are renting, we don't have an extra room, so our office (my husband's and mine) is a work in progress.

So, in spite of having a whole office dedicated to all our paperwork, my craft stuff, craft/ design books etc, we have decided to create nook/s in which we can work in. Depending on the day and the task that we are doing, we will just use these nooks and work there. I have created a little office in a third of my son's room, so I have to come up with a plan on how to get the most out of that little space. But before I start working on my area, I have decided to share with you some of my favorite work spaces, offices and nooks.

Designed by Deb Nelson
And now, my absolute favorite office space. Don't you just love it? This is my dream office. Ah!

And look at all that desk space. I would probably still run out of room, but in any case I would definitely have more than I have now. I hope these have given you a few ideas on how you can create a little corner all to yourself. I have a couple of ideas for my own nook, but I have to come up with a plan and then go for it.

 If you are looking for some more great inspiration work/ office spaces, you can check out some of my favorite places on my Pinterest account here

Have a fabulous day everyone! 
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  1. Those are great inspiration photos! I especially love the last one too... Ah, to have all that natural light and space. Dream come true! :)

  2. Love these office picks Beatrice! Looking forward to seeing you in BYW calss : )

  3. It is great that you plan your office space with these adorable samples in mind. Hopefully, you will achieve your dream office.


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