Thursday 15 December 2011

Mini Christmas Decorations

Good afternoon all! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying some yummy eggnog. Last week, I was on the road and had a chance to travel to Toronto. What did I do there? Well, I did some shopping and picked up the cutest little kids Christmas tree decorations that I just have to share with you.

And what better place to put them then in our little house.
Some of the ornaments, I made, (the heart and the blue and red birds), which I made for my little munchkin. I have decided to make a different felt ornament each year and give to him to put on his tree, as a very simple family holiday tradition. Hope he will like it. 

My son loves a cartoon called Pingu, (a penguin) and he has a seal friend, so when I found this penguin and seal felt ornaments, I knew I just had to buy them for him. Now, every time he sees them, he says, Ping, in other words he is trying to say Pingu.
There is also Santa, overlooking the whole gang and making sure that everyone is on their best behavior. 
I just love that little dinosaur. Roar. You should hear my son trying to roar. Hilarious. 
I just love this little felt Santa. I made this one, but West Elm sells one exactly like it. 
I am off to find a mini Christmas tree, since my little guy cannot wait to put them on his tree. And here he is snatching up the decorations, as I am trying to take a picture of the house. 
Do you have a mini Christmas tree for your little one? I was planning on going out and getting one, but the weather here is horrible and I think we will opt for dry and warm, instead of cold and wet. Maybe we'll do some baking. Have a great day ahead everyone! B


  1. You are so talented - love the felt ornaments and what a sweet tradition! P.S. I don't even have kids and I love Pingu (how weird is that?). I actually found chocolates in Switzerland that had his picture all over them and had to bring a few home haha.

  2. I love the house and all those decorations and everything has his small place are a great artist and decorator!


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