Monday 9 January 2012

Back to it

Good morning everyone! First off, I am so sorry to have been missing in action here, but life has been crazy busy. This month it is both my hubby's and son's birthdays and I have been trying to organize everything. But, I think/hope that I have taken care of everything major and can now concentrate on sharing some of my little projects with you.

One of my resolutions, should be to post my finished projects with you right away and not take forever in posting them. When I look around our living room, there are quite a few projects I have yet to share with you. So, here is something I finished last year and never posted.

And that is the gallery wall in my son's room. His bedroom has a huge wall: this is good because I have some flexibility in creating a boy-friendly collage, but it had to be big to cover the wall.  I really wanted a gallery wall, but I was a little nervous about him reaching the picture frames. Then I thought of having a picture ledge, and here is the outcome.
It wasn't hard to do. I started by choosing pictures that I knew he would like.  I framed some pictures, glued some on canvas, and I even painted some on canvas. I then spread them on the floor to figure out the layout. I know that some people use kraft paper of similar size to the pictures and tape it to the wall to figure out the layout, but I did it this way.

I got my son to help figure out the height to put the ledge at (ie. how high he can reach).  He has not reached the ledge yet so it seems to have worked. I think it was a good idea to combine the gallery wall with a picture ledge. I made the picture ledge and will share my how-to soon.
Here are some of my favorite prints. The one on the right says "Anything is possible" and I made the "You are my sunshine" print on the left.
I am sure I will be doing many changes to it, but for now it is interesting to him and he likes looking at the different pictures. It is a long wall and this was my solution for it. What do you think? Does it work?

Wishing you a great week ahead!


  1. Your gallery wall looks great and it sounds like your most important critic approves!!

  2. That is so cute Beatrice! It's great that you'll be able to keep adding your son's artwork to the collection as he grows.

  3. Looks so great Good thinking about the reach distance too!

  4. Love the new header! I too have been having a hard time getting to my blog! Love the gallery wall in your son's room!


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