Thursday 24 March 2011

Oh what a tapestry!

Have you heard of Peter Blake? Better said Sir Peter Blake. If you have, then you know some of his amazing work, and if you don't here we go. I was speaking to my neighbor the other day and she introduced me to him. Well, Sir Peter Blake is a British pop artist who has created some amazing pieces. He has even designed the sleeve for the Beatles' album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. 

His work played an instrumental role in the British pop art movement. His main interests are to combine fine art with pop symbols. Here are some of his paintings. 

Sir Peter Blake Love Target tax disc holder

So, here we are. Some of his artwork has been transferred to tapestry and it is really beautiful, unique and exquisite wall decor. It isn't your regular artwork, and for thousand of dollars, it better well not be. Here are some of the examples. The alphabet tapestry sold for about 15000 pounds, if you were wondering. When I first saw the alphabet print, I was really blown away by the intricate, yet stylish design. I could never spend that much money on the print or tapestry, so... I think I see a potential future diy project in the works. Maybe for a little nursery? Maybe. 

Hope you enjoyed the post and maybe you can add a little pop art and love to your home. 


  1. What a cool artist! I didn't know he existed, although I like the Beatles. Congrats on the blog.

  2. Imi place mult acest blog si il vizitez in fiecare zi cu multa placere .Abia astept sa deschid calculatorul si sa vad ce lucruri frumoase si interesante au mai aparut.MEDIAS.


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