Wednesday 30 March 2011

Simple, easy, beautiful, cheap wall decor- wall stickers

Walls surround us wherever we are and we spend a good portion of our day looking at them. So, we want them to be nice looking, pleasant, colourful and enticing. There are many ways we can decorate them. We can paint them, we can use wallpaper, hang pictures, but one of my favorites are decorative stickers. Not only do I love decorative stickers, but I have used them to decorate my own walls.

This picture is from Ikea showing a sample of how your wall would look like using the stickers. 

Living in an apartment puts further restrictions on decorating. Often you are not allowed to paint the walls, or even put any pictures up, so decorative stickers are definitely the way to go. You can find them in so many stores, but one place dear to my heart is ... Ikea. Yay! Ikea has a very nice variety of decorative wall stickers. They are not expensive and will transform a room in no time. The stickers peel off easily and will stick to your wall without leaving any marks on them. Not only that, but they are removable/replaceable so you can move them somewhere else in your home. Here are some examples of what you could be adding to your home's appeal.

When my husband and I were decorating our baby's nursery, we wanted to add something different to the walls, but didn't know what exactly. We knew we wanted something colourful, playful and interesting to look at. Well, I never knew how thoughtful my husband was. He suggested this.

What do you think? Do you like it? This is another stick-on decoration, but unfortunately you cannot reposition this. It makes it a little tricky to find the ideal spot for it. But nevertheless, we decided we would go for it. We wanted to create a little cuddle/ reading corner/ play area for our little baby. I keep saying little baby, but he is not that little anymore. He is walking everywhere and now he loves looking at it. Whenever we go in his room, he will look up and point to it.

Have you been to Dollarama lately? Well, you can find these beauties there as well. I bought this one for a friend of mine. They have quite a big variety of decorative stickers, for example, Eiffel Tower, chandeliers, chairs, frames and many many more. Here is a sample of one from Dollarama.  Quality is an issue (don't expect too much) and they may not stick to the wall indefinitely, but for the price they are great.

Since we are all trying to work on a budget, you might want to know what these would cost you. The Ikea decorative stickers are $16.99 a pop and the children's decorative sticker was around $40. The ones at Dollarama go for about $2.  So, the choice is yours, from fancy to frugal, but be bold and try accessorizing your walls.  

Do you have a reading nook in your child's room or nursery? Have you tried decorative stickers?


  1. Nice post. Where did you get the cartoon boy from?

  2. Thank you. I bought it at Omer de Serres. Here is the link:

  3. I forgot to mention that they sell them at, but they didn't have this particular one. Have a good one!

  4. Wonderful.I love decorating and you gave me nice idea about this...thanks..


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