Wednesday 27 April 2011

Cheap Wall Art Idea & DIY

Everybody wants beautiful artwork on their walls, but it can get expensive. Here I will share some very cheap ideas for inexpensive artwork. Every year I buy myself a calendar. I try to pick one that has pictures, photographs or artwork that I find interesting, or are pretty to look at. I bought this flower calendar in 2003 and have saved it, because I loved the drawings so much.
Well, I finally got around to doing something with these pictures. I bought a simple white frame from Ikea. I took and trimmed the flower picture I wanted and there you have it. I think it is really pretty and it was quite inexpensive.
You could even buy some decorative paper, like this one, and frame it. It would look gorgeous!
And another idea is to look through magazines and if you like a picture, just save it and frame it. No one will know that you weren't the photographer. Have a great one!

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