Thursday 14 April 2011

My Top 5 Baby Things

Babies need a lot of things and sometimes it can be difficult to know which things are really worth investing in. I will share with you a couple of things that have helped me a lot along the months.

1.) With spring and summer approaching fast, this will be so useful in the months to come. Aden + Anais. They have these wonderful muslin cotton swaddle blankets. You could use them for swaddling your baby or for covering your baby as a summer blankie. They are very soft and breathable.

2.) The first I will add to the list is Baby Einstein Lullaby Classics. In the beginning (first three months), my baby was sometimes fussy and cried quite a bit, but once we put the CD on he would calm down and start listening to the music. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to make my baby a composer, and he probably would have stopped with any kind of music, but this really helped us. It calmed him down and the music is very soft and soothing to him.

3.) A Modern Eden has some amazing little things for kids. They have an iPhone application called Speak Piggy, where kids can see a picture of an animal and then hear the sound that the animal makes. Not only that, but if you press the other button, a child voice will say the name of the animal. It is an amazing iPhone application, and it has helped me so much. Sometimes when we traveled with our baby in the car, he would get fussy, start crying and would want me to hold him, but then we discovered Speak Piggy. My baby loved it from around 5 or 6 months. He would stop crying immediately and now he is smiling from ear to ear when he hears the bee buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (you have to hear to get it).

4.) Another little tool is the Green Sprouts Warming Plate. It is so great. My friend introduced me to it and I loved it. Forget putting hot water in a little bowl and the bowl overtop. This little plate stores to water underneath in a compartment, so your food will be nice and warm. It is great.

5.) My Ergo, ah. We love our Ergo baby carrier. I do not have enough good things to say about it. I know you will say that it is a lot of money, but trust me when I say it is worth every penny. We have been using since my baby was three months old and he has been loving it. He loves being cuddled up in there and it is so easy to walk every where with it. It is probably one of the most useful things we invested in and it was worth it.

I hope you found it useful and you will enjoy the items as much as we did. Have a good one!

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