Monday 16 May 2011

Fun, Bright Spring Pillows

Spring rolled around and I didn't even get a chance to share my new pillows with you. I bought them on Etsy. Yay! Aren't the colors just gorgeous?
A while ago, I was reading the blog Tied with a Bouw and saw these gorgeous pillows on her beautiful sofa. The pillow is 12x12, so she added a larger pattern pillow behind. It looks fabulous.
We have an off white leather couch, so I thought they would look pretty neat in our living room. I absolutely love these pillows. They are probably my favorite accessory in the house right now. I found out that the fabric is designed by Amy Butler and who doesn't love Amy Butler and her fabric designs?
When I think of spring, I think of purple lilacs, pink peonies, yellow daffodils. I love color, but sometimes I am afraid of using it, as I want to make sure that it all matches or that it looks good. I am working on a little something to go above the couch, so I will share that with you once I am finished. The blue walls will be going soon. I hope. Have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. That is a great fabric. Gotta love Amy Butler. I also love trolling Etsy for amazing fabrics and pillows.


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