Saturday 7 May 2011

Last Minute DIY Mother's Day card

I love cards (and receiving them...husband!) and I really enjoy making my own cards. I find that cards are quite expensive, and what better way to get your mom a card for Mother's Day but by making one. My sweet baby helped me make this cute Mother's Day card for my mom and his grandma. Isn't it cute?
To make your own, you will need the following: blank card or cardstock, ink pad, stamps (if you want), and....the key artichoke.
I had seen this idea on the Martha Stewart website, and decided that it was about time to try it. I am very happy with how it turned out.

You take your artichoke and cut a slice off. I recommend cutting in slices if you can, as you can then use it more than once and you can use the different layers for different colours.

Colour your artichoke with your inkpad.

My little helper was ready to make his little creation. He was really pressing hard.
And the final result looked something like this:
If you feel its a little bare, empty, missing something, you could use a marker and fill in the white spaces.

We felt that our card was missing some love and since I didn't have a heart stamp, I decided to cut out a heart from my good old pal the potato. I did this in kindergarten and its not getting old, just me.
It isn't perfect, but I know my mom will love anything that my baby made and it was made with love.
Hope you try it and have fun with it. Have a great Saturday!

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