Wednesday 15 June 2011

Great, but sad find @ Home Sense

Last week I shared some great finds at Home Sense. Well, today I will share a great, but sad find. I had been looking for something similar to this for a long time, but couldn't find it anywhere. Yesterday on one of my weekly visits to Home Sense, I found it. I am talking about a lamp.
I think this is a great find, because you can fill it with all kinds of things. Sand, sea shells, rocks, flowers and so much more. 
You must wonder what is sad about my little story. Well, the sad part is that there was only one. Only one!    :-(     Who buys only one lamp anyway? I even asked someone to check in the back, but there was nothing. Getting really sad now. Well, I figured one is better than nothing. So, I bought the one and hope to find the match, but I doubt it. I have the phone numbers of the other Home Sense stores in town and am now off to calling them. Wish me luck. If you have been looking for a similar lamp, I recommend visiting your local Home Sense, since you might find my twin lamp. (Email me!)


  1. Hey! i actually think I saw this lamp yesterday at the Eglinton & Brentcliffe location! Hope you find the twin.

  2. Did you find the match yet?
    Are you near the US border? My sister bought two just like this from Kmart. They were part of a Martha Stewart collection and they were cheap!
    Good luck!

  3. Hi Catherine,

    Thanks so much for the tip. I am near the US border, but I won't be headed there for a little while. Thank you also for telling me that it is part of a Martha Stewart collection. I eventually did find two, but my friend did not like them, unfortunately. Thanks again.


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