Tuesday 7 June 2011

Headboard Round Up

As you well know, I am working on a guest room makeover. I just scored the most amazing deal on kijiji, a bed and mattress for $50 bucks. Isn't that great? Now, that I have a new bed frame, I would like to make an upholstered headboard for it. This past weekend was quite busy for me, but I did manage to attend a couple of garage sales and plan a couple of new projects.

Since my DIY Colette headboard is quite simple and the lines are pretty simple, I would like to try something different this time. Maybe a navy or light blue headboard for the room? I did a little research and I have picked some of my favorites. I am having a hard time, since I would like the room to be both girly and manly at the same time, but we'll see. Here are some of the ones I have come across.

Don't you just love the lines of that headboard? And the tacks add so much sophistication.

I love this room and headboard. It looks so comfy and the white headboard is the focal point of the room, which looks great on the patterned walls.

Love this. 

This bed is called Tate and it is from Crate and Barrel. I love the simple lines to it. Making it very sleek and elegant. 

I will see which one I will go for, but what I do know right now, is that it will have a more fun shape than my bed (the one I described before, which is quite conservative and classic). I will post pictures as soon as I have it completed. Another thing that I was thinking was to try and add piping to my headboard, instead of tacks to save some money. Anyone out there know how to add piping to an upholstered headboard? I looked it up online, but found different methods. Has anyone tried it? Any advice would help. Have a marvelous day.


  1. They're all beautiful beds. I bought a new bed last year and we went for the low, modern headboard and frame in walnut. Love it but then I started blogging and found all these great diy projects and of course, I want to do one.

  2. very nice and interesting...hard to decide which one I like the most...

  3. Can't wait to see which headboard shape you chose... we attempted to DIY a headboard like the first one in your roundup, but our upholstering skills couldn't handle the 90 degree corners.


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