Wednesday 28 September 2011

Sarah Richardson Fabric Choices Part 2

Here is Part 2 of my Sarah Richardson Fabric Choices. I figured since speaking about fabric, I should do a little research and see what kind of advice Sarah gives when looking for fabric.

Here are a couple of quotes that Sarah has for us amateurs, when we want to reupholster something or how to go about decorating our homes.

"When selecting fabric schemes I prefer to use light, creamy tones for the upholstery and accent with patterned textiles. If you grow tired of the patterns it's easy and inexpensive to introduce an entirely new colour to the room - and everything goes with cream, so you won't need to change the sofa fabric. "

"A traditional chair profile looks clean and classic with a show wood leg instead of a skirt. Light toned woven fabrics with a subtle pattern keep the room feeling light and airy yet help hide the wear and tear of daily use."

"Get a bold start
If you want a fun, vibrant mood, get off on the right foot by using an over-scaled, contemporary floral pattern to set the tone. This printed cotton floral is under $20 a yard, is printed on a linen textured background, and feels anything but fussy. Instead of using your chosen floral in the traditional way on a sofa or drapes, try it on an armchair (or two). A giant print on a smallish chair creates an interesting balance of proportion and accentuates any curvaceous lines the chair might have. In a small space, try to focus on pieces that have height, yet are compact."

So, with a couple of words from Sarah Richardson, I will share with you my other Sarah Richardson fabric finds.

Do you remember this fabric? Sarah used it for her Sarah's House Season 2 office. I remembered it because it was such a beautiful and playful fabric. I loved the colors and the floral print is not too busy and not too large. I would love to see this fabric used for some curtains. I found this fabric at Calico Corners and it is called Flowering Branch. 

The next fabric is one of my favorite floral fabrics. Sarah used it for her Sarah 101 vibrant living room makeover. 
I think I might just have to order me some. I never thought too much about fabric and wasn't a huge fan for florals, but I am really into it now. This floral fabric I think is perfect. The colors are not too bold and the flowers are not too big and not too small. It also adds a lot of interest to the room and layout. The fabric is called Wonderland Pearl and you can find it at Designer Fabrics in Toronto. 

I don't know about you, but I could watch and rewatch Sarah's house. It is so insightful and educational to watch the show, and it gives me so much inspiration and ideas for our own home. One of my favorites was Sarah's farmhouse, where the next fabric comes from. 
Sarah chose a beautiful floral fabric by Schumacher. It is not too large and it is a combination of larger exotic flowers with smaller leaf print. Love it. 

The fabric is called Hot House Flowers and you can read more about it here

I never thought about this, but I really have to invest in some floral fabric soon. I also didn't realize what an impact a nice floral fabric does to a furniture piece or to a room altogether. 
Sarah used the fabric above for her accent pillows on the bed. It is called Coconut Grove, Aqua & Tan and comes from Schumacher. 

And last, but not least, a beautiful paisley fabric for the curtains. I love the pattern and the colors in the fabric look gorgeous with the paint that she chose. She has such talent and taste. The fabric is called Rajasthan Paisley and it also comes from Schumacher. 

I hope you enjoyed my Sarah Richardson fabric posts. I have definitely learned more about what to look for in a fabric and also what kind of pattern or floral print it should have. Have a great day everyone! B


  1. Thanks, those fabrics are so fabulous! I liked her advice too - must remember that!

  2. Sarah does have fabulous taste in fabric as does you! I love Schumacher, their fabrics are so rich a luxurious - wish they weren't so expensive!

  3. They are really gorgeous and unfortunately really expensive. I am dreaming of one and might have to put it on my Christmas wish list.

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog Beatrice and now I have found yours. Great post! Sarah has a knack for finding and pulling together great fabric schemes. I'm a big floral fan - glad you've come over to the other side!

  5. Hi Vanessa, Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I have been a fan of your blog for quite some time. Sarah Richardson is spectacular and all her choices incredible. Thanks again.

  6. I too could watch Sarah episodes over and over, and the fabric roundup here is fantastic. Thanks for this - it is very inspiring!


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