Monday 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Halloween! Will you be heading out to a party, trick or treating with the kids or watching a scary movie?

Yesterday, we baked some of Barbara's, scary witches fingers. I had to hide them otherwise they would have all been gone yesterday. They were deeelicious. Here is the link to the cookies, Barbara, from hodge podge, if you want to try them yourself.
We are off trick or treating tonight and I can't wait to see my little munchkin all dressed up in his costume. I forgot to mention that we had an early visit from a one-eyed monster, who drove through our house last night and then made a soup of all the bones he gathered. Scary.
Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat!


  1. Have a great night :) One-eyed monster? Love it!!!! Wish I had thought of something like that when the kids were little!

  2. I can't believe those cookies! Seriously, they look great but almost too real! Cute little monster! Happy Halloween!


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