Wednesday 23 November 2011

Christmas Potato Craft

Over the weekend, my little munchkin and I tackled a very simple and easy project. We had a couple of minutes before dinner was ready and I figured since we had some potatoes and paper lying around we should get our hands dirty. This is what the final product looked like.

This year we are going for a silver and gold color scheme, so we needed some gold and silver wrapping paper. I had some gold and silver paint and here is our wrapping paper.

I really love how it turned out. It is simple, but I know my grandmother will love it. Especially since my little munchkin made it. I think handmade gifts are the best, since they come from the heart and you know there was thought and love that went into making it.

 I added these little glitter snowflakes instead of a bow,  and the neat thing is that you can hang them up on your tree after you unwrap your present.

Do you create your own Christmas wrapping paper or do you buy it? I am headed to Ikea later today and will be looking to see their selection of Christmas wrapping paper. Will keep you posted on what I find.
Have a great day everyone! B


  1. Oh how sweet!!! So pretty Beatrice and lucky you - going to Ikea (we have to catch a ferry to get to ours 3 hrs away) show us what you get!

  2. I think wrapping gifts is my favorite part of the holidays/gift giving. But I have have never considered making my own gift wrapping paper. What kind of paper did you use? (a fellow byw student)

  3. Hi Heather,
    Thank you. I am lucky. Will definitely share what I get with you.

    Hi homestilo,
    I used my son's coloring paper from Ikea (it comes in a roll). I wasn't sure how the paper was going to work, but it is great. I can't wait until next year to sign up for the 2.0 version. Cheers.


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