Tuesday 1 November 2011

My New Gown

I bought a new gown, but not the kind of gown that you might be thinking of. I am a huge fan of Sarah Richardson and her paint line, but when I saw these photos (a while ago), I knew exactly where I was going to use it. After I repainted our living room in Shoreline, (SR 43), (you can read more about that here), I thought that this 'gown' would be a good combination. I love the pictures of Sarah's living room and I fell in love with this paint color.

But now back to my new gown. What do you think of my new gown?

Gown - SR9

I am so happy with how the hallway turned out. Sarah Richardson has described this color perfectly, as 'girly glamour and sophisticated', and it is exactly what I was hoping to achieve.  

The lighting in our hallway has no natural light whatsoever, so I apologize for the mediocre pictures. My pictures really don't do this color justice, so keep looking at Sarah's living room. I can just imagine how lovely it would look in a little girl's room. B


  1. It does look gorgeous. I looks as though it has a really strong purple undertone, is that true? It's nice and soft. Hmmm, might have to consider this for my hallway.


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