Friday 25 November 2011

Snow White How-To

I just have to say that I truly admire all the amazing bloggers out there. There are many people that are so talented and are truly special people and I am very grateful that these people choose to share their talents, secrets and humor with all of us. There are many projects that I would either not have thought of trying or lacked the confidence to do, (like a diy headboard, which seemed a scary project to me). Thanks to all of you.

This week, I mentioned to you that I had been looking for lamps for a while and narrowed it down to my top two ( in this post). The two gorgeous lamps were more than what I was looking to spend, and after many unsuccessful thrift shop visits, I decided to make my own. Hence, the creation of Snow White.

I was trying to figure out a way to make a similar looking lamp and then one day, I got some inspiration. What if I used wooden candlestick? My husband wasn't too sure, but I talked him into it. It is my new table lamp and I am pretty thrilled with it. I think it is quite similar to the ones on my wish list, so I would consider this a successful project.

What did I use?

- wooden candlesticks (Ikea and Michaels), drill bit, lamp kit, lampshade, spray paint, super glue

How- To

- I bought a drill bit (3/18"), that was long enough to go through the candlestick holder and drilled a hole. The wooden candlestick holder from Michaels, has a metal piece that needs to be removed first. Then started drilling. I spray painted the unfinished wood candlestick holders.

-I drilled a hole through the second candlestick holder from Ikea (wood finished). Spray painted it lightly, so it would match colors.

- I attached the lamp kit and used super glue to attach the two candlestick holders together.

Put on a lampshade and there you have it. My new table lamp. Hope you like it. Have a great afternoon!


  1. clever, clever! I love it - you send send this one over to design sponge...

  2. Hi Anne-Marie,
    I am so glad you like it. I didn't think of sending it to design sponge. Thanks. I might just do that.

  3. SO Clever and what a fabulously thrifty idea. I just purchased two lamps, so I can appreciate not wanting to buy any (holy cow, when did lamps get so expensive?). Yours look lovely!!

  4. Great idea - I never would have guessed it was made from candlesticks. Love it!

  5. Hi Tanya,
    Thank you. I do have to agree that lamps are quite expensive. I am pretty happy with how mine turned out. Can't wait to see yours.

    Hi Amelia,
    Thanks. I am so glad that you cannot tell they are candlesticks. I was a little worried that it was really obvious.

  6. A real smart idea...never guessed that you are using..candlesticks

  7. OK, what can't you do? What a fabulous idea, I would have no idea they were candlesticks. I agree with Anne-Marie - send this to design sponge!

  8. Hi Barbara,
    There is lots I can't do. Trust me. Thank you though. I am so glad you can't tell they are candlesticks. I might send it this week. Thanks again for dropping by and leaving a comment.


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