Friday 16 March 2012

Crafty Fridays

Happy Friday to all of you lovely readers! I am quite excited about this weekend, since I will be painting our kitchen table. The weather is supposed to be quite warm, (hopefully it will actually be and not just a prediction, as yesterday it was supposed to be a high of 10 and was very cold) and I can get outside and give our old kitchen table a makeover.

But first, I would like to introduce to you Crafty Fridays. Easter is a couple of weeks away and I figured I would share some crafts with you. So, here goes the first craft.

Metallic Easter Eggs

What you will need
-gold leaf (silver, copper), paper towels, cotton gloves, cheesecloth, brush, gilding paste and eggs

How To: 

1. Apply the gliding paste and wait 15 minutes, 2. put on the cotton glove, 3. pick a sheet of gold leaf, 4. apply the gold leaf inside

or 5. you apply the gold leaf on the outside of the egg, 6. straighten it gently by using your glove or cheesecloth, 7+8. your final product. 

For this project, I decided to apply the gold leaf inside the egg instead of 

I hope you liked this little how to and will try to make your own golden eggs. 

I hope you have a marvelous weekend!

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  1. Those are beautiful Beatrice. I love the entire table top you've got set up. Oh my goodness, I haven't even started to think about Easter:(

  2. Thanks Carol! I am so glad you like them. I figured I would start early with Easter this year.


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