Wednesday 30 May 2012

Wall Bling

Good morning to you! Today I decided to share a couple of pictures of something that I have been thinking about doing for quite some time. When I was in high school, I redesigned my room and found bare walls sort of plain, so I added a stencil. Well, some years later (and I mean some, right?) and I still feel the same way. I feel that there is something missing, so today I will share some pictures of the amazing projects that these super talented bloggers stenciled onto their walls.

Wallpaper and patterned walls are a big trend now, but wallpaper can be quite costly and since we are renting that isn't an option for us. A post about wallpaper is in the works, so stay tuned. But first here are some amazing and I really mean ahh-mazing work that they have done.

Rhoda from Southern Hospitality
I think it looks so incredible and sophisticated. And better yet, you know you did that! 

Janell from Isabella and Max/House of Fifty
How awesome does that look? Perfect for the bathroom! Love it!

Courtney Out Loud
And what do you think of this last one? My only question is how do you do it? Stunning! It looks so amazing and I would love to hang out in this powder room for hours. 

Isn't this powder room just so magazine publishing material? I for one, would love to see it in one. The instructions on how to do one in your one place, can be found here

Kate from Centsational Girl
How gorgeous is this wall and how perfect is this room? It adds the finishing touch in my opinion! Beautiful!

If you would like to learn more on how to do this stenciling project or any of the other ones, please visit their awesome blogs and give them some recognition. They really deserve it. 

And last, but not least, where do you find a stencil for your projects? Well, you could make your own like Kate from Centsational Girl did, or you could order one. There are a couple of places from which you could order a stencil. Cutting Edge Stencils is one and they have a wide variety of stencils. 

And the second one is Royal Design Studio. They also have a wide variety of stencils, so now the hard part is deciding which one to choose since there are so many wonderful designs. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and now, I am off to work. But first I have to decide which pattern to put up on my walls. Ah, so many options!

Have a fantastic day!
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  1. You should definitely do it! I ordered mine from Cutting Edge and I'm just waiting on my schedule to get started!

  2. I too have been contemplating using a stencil on a wall. The one by House of Fifty is new to me, and really pretty, and I'm LOVING the gold stencil on the ceiling by HOUSEography - simply stunning.
    I agree with you - there are way too many options for what pattern to pick - just when I think I've found 'the one' I spot something else and get confused again :(

  3. Love that dramatic powder room with dark walls and bling ceiling stencil pattern! It was great to meet you at BlogPodium!


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