Thursday 5 July 2012

Curtain call

I have been wanting to change the curtains in my son's room for a while, but wasn't really sure what I wanted. There are many and I mean many gorgeous fabrics out there, but my sewing skills are nowhere close to be up for that task. After giving it some thought, I have decided that stripes would be really great. If I would have the skills, I would love to make something similar like Barbara's from Hodge Podge/Markova Design.
You can find the instructions on how to make the drapes, here. They look so fabulous!

You are probably wondering where I am going with this. Well, here is where you come in. I would love your thoughts on my newest idea in home decor. 

I am a huge fan of West Elm and their products and while browsing their site, I came across these. 

Don't they look awesome? So, I had a crazy thought about using these in my son's room. There are two little problems with them though. One, they are shower curtains and two, they are 74"l x 72"w, which means they are not long enough. I could use some grey linen material and just sew it at the bottom. What do you think? Would they look ok? Would love your thoughts and/or ideas.

Have a great day everyone!
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  1. Love the idea of striped in your sons room.
    Is his room Nautical themed?

  2. His room doesn't really have a theme. I just painted the walls in his room white, so I figured striped curtains would look nice. Glad you like the idea. B

  3. I say you make them like I did! Thanks for the shout out!

  4. Beautiful curtains....I bet if you took your time, you could sew the top ones up!!!!!
    (if you have enough skill for a panel, you can sew a basic loop at the top of very long fabric!!!!)

  5. Love the stripes. I think they look so great in kids rooms. Panels are pretty easy. I say you give them a try and make them!

  6. You should definitely make them! I think it would be the more affordable option, especially because you'd have to alter the shower curtains to fit! Good luck :)

  7. I had the EXACT same dilemma (and inspiration!) for curtains for our master...I ended up painting them and LOVE how they turned out! there is a tutorial on my blog, or msg me for more details. Good luck whatever you choose!

  8. Hello Beatrice! I just re-did our Sons room with a nautical look and found some great big stripey shower curtains like you have there and was going to cut them so they weren't to the floor. I thought that if they were short they wouldn't look like shower curtains.. I ended up going with something else but maybe one day I'd do that for sure!


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