Saturday 30 April 2011

Rock me Amadeus- DIY Rock Shoe Mat

When I thought about what to name this post, I just had to add this. Do you know the song? If not, here it is.
Today is a quick and short post. Usually when we go to the park, things get messy but our carpet gets especially messy. Shoes come off and the floor and carpet get muddy. I wanted to add a little something that is easy to clean and pretty to look at. So, on a recent trip to the Dollar store, I found a plastic, plain, ugly, black shoe tray/mat. I also found some river rocks.
I bought a $1 shoe mat and 3 - $1 rock bags and here it is. I used my glue gun to glue the rocks to the black, plastic mat. Here is our new shoe mat.
I love the colours in it and it makes our home cleaner. My baby likes it and he will make sure to go to it every time we come home from the park and drop off our dirty and sandy shoes. Yay!

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!

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