Monday 13 June 2011

Fabric Ideas for Headboard

Part of the guest room that I am working on, where I wrote about here, is that I will be building a headboard. It will be somewhat different than the Colette that I built, so wish me luck. Since I am trying to have it match with the colors in the painting, I am thinking of a dark navy fabric for the headboard.

I am having a very hard time finding fabric that satisfies my criteria. My criteria being not too girly, not too flowery, sea-ish, deep navy, nice pattern, not too busy. I was thinking maybe a nice navy linen will work, but at $100 per yard, I sadly said no way. I am trying to do this on a budget, you know!  And I know I am picky, but I have hope to find something that will look nice too.

I will share some of my finds with you now. Please feel free to tell me which one you think will look best.
Robert Allen
Tonic Living- Empire

Tonic Living- Bodega, Navy
Robert Allen- Ikat Geo- Indigo
Robert Allen- Tidal Bay-Navy
Robert Allen - Coral Coast - navy
P Kaufmann
Right now I am torn between these two. I am a little nervous that the pattern might be too busy. 

I will keep you posted which I will go for soon, as I am hoping to finish the room soon. So stay posted and have a good one!

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