Wednesday, 20 July 2011


When I started my blog I said that I would also share unsuccessful projects with you.  Up to now, I have only shared my successes.  So, it is about time that you heard about one of my failures, as painful as it is to admit and write about.  This is not the only the project that failed and I promise to embarrass myself more later.  But here goes.

You know I have a true affection for Sarah Richardson.  I had come across one of her room makeovers and I really liked the light fixture she made.  Here it is.

I spent numerous hours trying to find it online without success, but I also figured that it would be out of my price range anyway.  So, I decided to recreate it myself.  I had used fabric stiffener for another project (I will tell you about that another time).  So for the light fixture I thought I could make it out of ribbon, fabric stiffener and an old lampshade.

Boy, was I wrong. I was pretty skeptical about this project from the beginning, but my ever supportive hubby encouraged me to go for it, since I couldn't be successful at all my projects. You win some, you lose some.

I bought some ribbon, fabric stiffener and used an old lampshade. Here is what it looked like.

Well, when I tried to remove it from the lampshade, it sort of fell apart. I figured I should have used more fabric stiffener or this was a completely wrong way to accomplish this project. Maybe I should have used something else than ribbon. I might try to recreate this project again, but I can live with a failure from time to time. Have you failed at any diy projects lately? Feel free to share. No judgement.


  1. Maybe liquid starch or Mod Podge would work better?

  2. Thanks Tanya. I didn't think of that. Might try it again.

  3. I saw a similar shade on Ikea Hackers site (I believe). They used stiff plastic-like pieces, turned out very nice. I'll try to find it and send you the link.

  4. Thanks so much Adrienne. That is very kind of you. I will go on there and see if I can find it too. Have a good one!


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