Tuesday 19 July 2011

DIY Navy Headboard

Another DIY Headboard post. A while ago, I shared my DIY Colette Headboard with you, and since I had tackled one headboard so far, I figured I could give another one a shot. Here is the new headboard.

Yesterday, I revealed the guest room to you, but unfortunately I did not get around to sharing the details of my diy headboard. What I did not tell you was that behind the new headboard, lies an Ikea Fjellse bed frame. It really did not look so cozy and comfy, but I knew we can make it look much better.

So here it goes. Here are the 'ingredients' and the 'how-to'.

What you will need:

- plywood (cut to your desired measurements at Home Depot), we had ours cut to
- staple gun + staples
- jigsaw
- batting
- foam
- fabric - 2.5 m
- spray glue
- screws
- tacks

1. First we drew our curve on a piece of paper and cut it out. Then we traced it on our plywood. Make sure it is symmetrical.

2. Next up, I used a jigsaw to cut the arc.

3. Then, I used the spray glue and sprayed the entire sheet of plywood. 

4. Cut the foam to the shape of your plywood. Apply the foam onto the plywood. 

5. The batting was next. I put the batting on the floor and laid the plywood (foam side down) on top.  Then, pulling the batting tight around the plywood, I stapled it all around.  Start with the top, then the bottom and finish the sides.  

6. Now it is time for the fabric.  Lay the fabric on the floor and pay special attention to the direction of the lines in the fabric (if your fabric has lines) so that they are parallel to the edges of the headboard.  Once again, start from the top, staple the bottom, and then the sides.  Don't forget to pull lightly on the fabric, so that the fabric is tight on the headboard. Cut off extra fabric. 

7.  Tacks were the last thing on the to-do list. Since I had a little baby running around, I opted to go the easy way and use tack strips. I used the plain silver tacks and bought 4 strips of tacks. 

And here is headboard. 

Hope you like it and it will be useful to you. I really enjoyed making it and I think you should give it a shot and make your own upholstered headboard. It really isn't hard to make. 

Have a great day!



  1. Hi, how did you hang the headboard behind the bed - what did you use?

  2. Hi Dan, We used screws to hang the headboard. Another thing you could do, to make it more secure, is to use wood glue and attach it to the headboard. The only bad thing with that is that you won't be able to remove it after. Hope this helps. B


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